Press Releases


    SCORPIO-V is the recently formed (2016) Space Systems division of HNu. The BioChip SpaceLab (BCSL) is the first space payload of the SCORPIO-V division. Under a highly-competed NASA IDIQ contract (NNJ16GU42B) HNu is to provide payload-specific integration and operations to support NASA and other federal agencies using the SCORPIO-V BCSL. Accommodation of the BCSL onboard the International Space Station (ISS) has been provided by NASA Space Act Agreement (SAA) SAA-0Z-14-18258. BCSL is currently in the process of passing through various space qualification toll gates in preparation for deployment on the ISS June 2018.

The HNu SCORPIO-V division has recently won a second NASA contract to produce a new payload, PIMMS, the Photonics ISS Multipurpose Microscopy Suite, a state-of-the-art instrument for multi-purpose high resolution imaging and microscopy. The HNu SCORPIO-V division has also received our third contract and payload which will fly on a Blue Origin New Shepard launch vehicle. Our proprietary prospectus shows that we are positioned for astronomical income and revenue growth.

    Internet billionaire and aspiring rocket man Jeff Bezos said he sells $1 billion a year in Inc. stock to fund Blue Origin LLC, the company fueling his dream of sending people into space.

“My business model right now for Blue Origin is I sell about a billion a year of Amazon stock and I use it to fund Blue Origin,” Bezos said Wednesday at the Space Symposium, an annual industry conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “So the business model for Blue Origin is very robust.”

    NASA has selected five space technologies to test on low-gravity-simulating aircraft, high-altitude balloons or suborbital rockets. The opportunity to fly on these vehicles helps advance technologies closer to practical use by taking them from a laboratory environment to the real world.

The selections were made for NASA’s Flight Opportunities program which organizes chances to fly and selects experiments for NASA support twice each year. The program selects promising space technologies to test through relatively low-cost ways that simulate spaceflight or just reach the edge of “space” on commercial suborbital launch vehicles, reduced gravity aircraft and high-altitude balloon flights.

“These selections allow companies and academia to demonstrate technologies of interest to NASA in a much more realistic environment than what they could get in ground-based simulation facilities,” said Stephan Ord, the program technology manager for NASA’s Flight Opportunities program. “This program is a valuable platform for NASA to mature cutting-edge technologies that have the potential of supporting future agency mission needs.

    KAHULUI, MAUI, HAWAII: Award winning technology innovator HNu Photonics
celebrated its 10th Anniversary earlier this year. Founder and CEO Dan O'Connell made a keynote
address summarizing the firm's many achievements over its first decade.

    HNu Photonics is reinforcing its growing reputation as a leading high technology company in Hawaii. Recently, the Maui-based company was selected by the Biotech International Organization for its “Buzz of BIO” Award for “Technologies of Tomorrow.” HNu received 1,921 online votes en route to winning the award for its cutting-edge technology designed for use aboard the International Space Station, according to Dan O’Connell, the CEO of HNu Photonics. O’Connell said the “Buzz of BIO” award is a testament to the tremendous support his company receives from Maui’s business and technology community.

    KAHULUI, MAUI, HAWAII: The Biotech International Organization (“BIO”)
announced today that HNu-nanoPOINT is a winner of its “Buzz of BIO” contest,
designed to recognize the most innovative companies in the biotech sector. Of the 40
emerging biotech companies nominated for this competition in two categories –
“Pipelines of Promise” and “Technologies of Tomorrow” - HNu-nanoPOINT not only
received the most votes in its category – it received significantly more votes than any
other nominee this year.