The BioChip SpaceLab offers a suite of live-cell culture systems tailored to an investigator’s cell line and research of interest.

Hollow Fiber Number of Wells Appropriate for Adherent Cell Cultures * Appropriate for Suspension Cell Cultures * Appropriate for Organiod/Tissue Cell Cultures * General Experiment Application *
Yes 4 Yes Yes No -Omics
Yes 2 Yes Yes No -Omics, Imaging
Yes 1 Yes Yes Yes -Omics, Imaging
No 4 Yes No No Imaging
No 2 Yes No No -Omics, Imaging
No 1 Yes No Yes -Omics, Imaging

* General BioChip usage suggestions to guide the researcher during experiment design. The final determination of BioChip configuration is up to the investigator regardless of cell culture or type of experiment.