The BioChip SpaceLab offers fully automated time-lapse live-cell imaging using an imaging system that supports brightfield and fluorescence microscopy. We support 4x, 10x, 20x and 60x magnification.


The BioChip SpaceLab allows investigators to observe live-cell cultures on a minutes to hour basis for the duration of the experiment using phase-contrast imaging. It's imaging capabilities allow investigators to:

  • Characterize confluence, cell growth, and proliferation
  • Observe cell function, migration, and morphology
These capabilities support Adherent, Suspension, and Organiod cell cultures.


The use of fluorescent microscopy allows for the investigator to characterize cellular processes and sub-cellular functions in real-time for the duration of the experiment. The BioChip Space Lab provides 7 laser excitation wavelengths and multiple dichroic and emission filters offer a wide array of fluorescent imaging capabilities.